Best School Fete Stall Ideas

Best School Fete Stall Ideas

August 27, 2018 Off By Patty Torres
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School fetes are extremely fun and the best time for the students to have fun. Not only that, school fetes are the biggest fundraising projects. But, in order to be successful and have an amazing school fete you need to have stalls that people would like. A huge array of stalls will help but they need to be something exciting. So, what kind of stalls are fun and exciting? Well, continue reading to find out.

Haunted house

Out of all the school fete ideas the best would be the one which consists of a haunted house. This is a great form of attraction. Everyone loves a little fright once in a while. So, why not give them one that they will remember for a long time? You can design your own haunted house. Get some students who loves to play dress up to come with scary outfits. You can get some students who are good in designing to create the outfits. Get them all involved and decorate the place using various materials like slimy goo, pumpkins, neon/ glow in the dark bulbs and so on. Get in some students from the drama club or so to act out little scenes. This will definitely give the participants a great time.


Another great way that you can s[ice up the event is through amusement rides Bendigo. Now, this might be hard to find but if you are able to have the school fete in an amusement par or hire such a ride, it will definitely be worth it. There will be a long line of people waiting to get in that ride.


If the teachers of your school are willing then this is another great idea. How often do the students get to put their teachers in the ‘hot seat’? Not so often. So, this is definitely something they would want to try. Not only that the teachers will end up having a great time. But make sure each teacher is allocated a time throughout the whole event. You don’t want a single teacher to end up getting soaked all day.

Food stalls

Ok, now this is a must have. But out of all the foods something you need to focus on is candy floss, pop corn and ice cream. This is so popular among students that they just cant get enough of it. Have some stalls with spicy food as well. That way you can satisfy all the taste buds.These stall ideas will definitely make your school fete the best one ever.