The Role Of The Groom In The Ceremony

The Role Of The Groom In The Ceremony

February 6, 2019 Off By Patty Torres
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In most cases, the wedding is usually considered to be the bride’s day, and so the groom is often not expected to do anything but get dressed up and show up on the wedding on time. However, leaving all the responsibilities to the bride can stress her out further, and thus have a negative impact on the wedding itself.

Sure, sometimes the bride tends to take over and always has her way with the planning, and the groom might feel like it’s better off to leave things to them, but there are things the groom can do before the wedding to help take some load off the bride.

1. Plan the guest list

Don’t expect the bride to know whom to invite from your side, you should take the responsibility of addressing the people you want at the wedding. You can’t expect the bride to go around finding this out on herself.

2. Dealing with his family

Most weddings usually have some kind of family drama; however, the groom should be responsible for any drama that’s caused by his side of the family. If the groom’s mother is stressing out on something or if the groom’s sisters aren’t happy about the dresses, you can’t expect the bride to handle it. The groom should be able to keep his family in check throughout the wedding.

3. Dealing with anything that goes wrong

The bride usually takes care of the things they want at the wedding, but it’s also the groom’s responsibility to ensure that contractors like the wedding stylists Sunshine Coast and caterers come on time.

4. Get involved in some of the planning

Just because the bride said she can handle it, it doesn’t mean that you should let her, take some of the responsibilities like getting the wedding arch for hire or ordering the flowers etc.

5. Writing the vows

Many grooms don’t take writing the vows seriously and wait till the last minute to write it. A last-minute vow wouldn’t be as meaningful and heartfelt as something that took weeks of practice. Wedding vows mean a lot to the bride and it’s something you need to say in front of everyone, so make sure that you put a lot of time and thoughts into writing it.

The wedding is a meaningful day for both the bride and the groom, so you should contribute an equal amount of effort in planning the day. As you can see, there are several ways you can get involved in the wedding even though the bride wants to take care of the planning.