Trending Ideas for your Big Day

June 23, 2016 Off By Patty Torres
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We know it is a little too late for you to become a June bride this year but it’s not too early to plan for your wedding later in the year or even during the next year. There are a lot of wedding ideas out there, in terms of what you, as the bride can wear for your wedding, what your significant other can wear and what the bridesmaid and the rest of the bridal retinue can wear for your big day. However, fashion changes quite often and what is in trend this year could be out of style next year but this is not the case in relation to decoration ides and other wedding ideas. While there could be slightly different or more popular trends by next year, there would not be a vast difference between what types of décor is popular now and what would be popular by next year. Therefore, while you are in the process of browsing through wedding ideas, we thought we would also bring to your attention some ideas that may peak your interest.

Vintage and Rustic

Accordingly, we came across the popular trend of vintage inspired wedding décor. They are vastly popular these days, across many countries and cultures. These themes entail a lot of attention to detail in terms of the décor, in order to create an authentic atmosphere as much as possible. Accordingly, we have seen rustic cart wheels and doors at the entrance of many of these weddings. They also use mini ladders, barrels and lamps that have been added to the décor. In terms of flowers, there has been a popular trend of using more vines and white flowers to add to the themes. In terms of wedding table centrepieces you could also use bottles and wooden stands along with wildflowers to add to the rustic feeling.

Additional Bling

As we mentioned above, attention to detail is key in this type of a theme. Therefore in order to create authenticity you could actually host your wedding reception in the countryside, inside a large barn. Decor could be enhanced by the rustic nature of the barn. Keeping up with the vintage style, the cutlery you use could also be of classic appearance. Even your wedding stationary can add to the effect, by using classic styles. Wedding favours can also be contained in vintage style, rustic bags or boxes. Even the music you play can concentrate on the classics and the oldies if you are a fan of that type of music. Little things such as the napkins can even make an impact on the overall look; therefore you need to pay close attention if you are interested in using this theme.