Best Way To Celebrate Your Christmas Holiday

October 25, 2016 Off

As the Christmas knocking at the door, holiday sessions starts and the best way to enjoy your holiday is by doing party. The new idea of enjoying corporate christmas party Melbourne with your friends and dear ones is by availing the services of the cruise. These cruises allow execute booking and thus you can book it…

By Patty Torres

Budgeting For A Wedding

October 19, 2016 Off

Weddings can be an array of different things; romantic, fun, joyous, stressful, and even weird or cliché. However, one word can perfectly describe any wedding; memorable. Whether you are the sobbing mother of the bride or the drunk brother of the groom, almost everyone has a good time at weddings. While some minor things can…

By Patty Torres

A National Wide Weeklong Celebration

November 25, 2015 Off

Childrens book council of Australia runs a week long book festival every year called book week. This festival highlights the importance and essential need of books and reading of books in children’s lives. This year marked the 70th anniversary celebration of book week. The book week, week-long festival also has dress up days and costume…

By Patty Torres