Join Us September 12th - September 20th for Magic at PAX Online!

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About Magic at PAX Online

Join us for Magic at PAX Online where the focus is not only on Magic but The Gathering to bring players together during this time of social distancing. Partnering with Wizards of the Coast, PAX Online,, and we will be using these platforms plus our new Discord server to bring players together to play Magic in Tabletop Magic, MTG Arena, and Magic Online settings. 

This event will be unlike any other and you can join in on the Gathering! Read below for an overview of our play offerings!


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Tabletop Magic at Home

Zendikar Rising Prerelease, Commander, Sealed, and 2HG! You don't want to miss these amazing events and unique events played via

MTG Arena

Compete in Standard and Historic tournaments throughout the event for an invite to October's Zendikar Rising Qualifier plus a chance to win a complete set of Zendikar Rising Uncut Sheets!

Magic Online

MTGO ALL ACCESS! Enjoy Vintage, Legacy and Modern with access to nearly every Magic Online card. Purchase entry to one Prelim event, receive access to almost EVERY card on MTGO through September 23!

And Much More!

You don't want to miss this amazing event that will be like no other!

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