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Dec 11 2021

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Bring your favorite Commander and 99-cards and let’s play Commander ONLINE via!

What is SpellTable?

SpellTable is the first website designed and built solely for playing paper Magic remotely.

Players position their webcames or their phones above their battlefields and player live paper Magic with anyone, whether they live across the world or across the street.

SpellTable has several amazing features including:

  • Build-in card identification.
  • Multiple video layouts to suit one-on-one or multiplayer formats.
  • Life, Damage, and Infect trackers.
  • Turn indicator and clock. 

How does it work?

Check out these awesome videos from The Professor and Wizards own Gavin Verhey. Joining our events are a little different but their tips will help you get things ready to play!

A Guide To Playing Commander Online With Spelltable – Tolarian Community College

Let’s Play Spelltable – Good Morning Magic!

For Pastimes SpellTable Commander events, we run them through the Pastimes Convention Discord Server using SpellBot. Once the event begins you will receive a direct message from SpellBot at the beginning of the event with your SpellTable room link and Discord info for your opponents. Click on the link and you are ready to play.

Once your round is done, message an admin your pod results and wait for the next round to begin.

Registration Details

Entry: $20

Reminder, this event uses Pacific Time! Note, this is a change from previous Commander on SpellTable events.

Event Details

To participate, you will need a Wizards Account, access to a Webcam or Cellphone with a camera, an account on Discord, and a Commander deck that matches the rules and banned list for Commander.

Constructed Event: A Commander deck that matches the rules and banned list for Commander.

Location:  Pastimes Convention Discord Server and

Size: Pods of 3 to 4 players

Rounds: 2 Swiss Rounds.


Prizes are per player, per round.

  • Pod Winner: 4 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Magic Online Boosters
  • Other Players: 3 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Magic Online Boosters

Contact Information

If you have questions please contact us on the Pastimes Convention Discord Server .

Answers to general questions can be found at our Help Center.

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