How to play in events

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Before your Event Begins

Prior to playing in any event you must head over to gencon.com and give your eTicket to Pastimes. You can find details on how to do this at https://www.gencon.com/gen-con-online/events-how-to. You will not be allowed to play or receive prizes for an event if you do not do this!

For all Paper/Tabletop events you will need a webcam or your phone. Matches will be played on SpellTable.com and results will be input on Melee.gg. You may need SpellTable account and Melee.gg account to play. Details on how to use your phone for SpellTable can be found at https://www.spelltable.com/faq.

For all Magic Arena events you may need a Wizards account and Magic Arena installed on your device. You can download Magic Arena at https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgarena.

For all Magic Online events you may need an account and Magic Online installed on your PC. Magic Online accounts are now FREE! You can download Magic Online at https://magic.wizards.com/en/mtgo.

Paper/Tabletop & MTG Arena Events

  1. Log into the Pastimes Events Discord server
  2. 15 minutes prior to the start of the event all users in the event will be sent a DM on Discord with the link to the Melee.gg event page
  3. Check-into the event
  4. All players who have checked in will receive a DM from Spellbot on Discord.
    Example Message:
    Your SpellTable game for 1PM Gen Con Online Arena Championship Standard Preliminary – Rd 1 is ready to begin. The round ends at 2PM. Please report your results to Melee.gg Link.
    SpellTable.com Link
    Players: @user1, @user2
    Tags: Arena Prelim
  5. Follow the SpellTable link and play your opponent!
  6. When you have completed your match head to the Melee.gg link and report your results. The next round will be posted when all matches are complete!

Commander On Demand Events

  1. Log into the Pastimes Events Discord server
  2. DM the Commander Scorekeeper and you will be added to the queue. If you wish to be added to a specific game level queue please let the scorekeeper know. Specific queues may take longer to launch.
  3. Once four players have signed up all players will receive a DM from Spellbot on Discord.
    Example Message:
    Your SpellTable game for Commander On Demand Event is ready to begin!
    SpellTable.com Link
    Players: @user1, @user2, @user3, @user4
    Tags: Commander ODE
  4. When your game is complete please message the Commander Scorekeeper to receive your prizes on your Prize Wall account.

Magic Online Events

  1. Redeem your Token on Magic Online to enter the event.
  2. Log into the Pastimes Events Discord server for any issues you might run into.


All times are shown in Pacific Time unless noted otherwise!

Physical Magic Product can only be shipped to the 50 US States

Click to download schedules below!

Prize Wall Information

Similar to other in-person Pastimes convention events we like to offer great prizes for competing in the formats you enjoy. With that in mind we are bringing the Prize Wall to PAX Online! Win Pastimes Prize Tixs by playing in events and redeem them for items like booster packs, Ultra Pro deck boxes, Magic Online boosters, LevelUp Dice sets, uncut sheets, and more. 

Our Prize Wall will feature great Magic products as well as GamerMats, LevelUp Dice, Foam Brain Games, Ultimate Guard, and UltraPRO accessories!

4 Pastimes Prize Tix can be redeemed for a physical booster pack of the most recent Standard-legal set, with other items available at different redemption rates. 

All Pastimes Prize Tixs will sent to players on September 21st when the Prize Wall opens. The Prize Wall closes September 27th at Midnight Pacific Time.

All physical items will be shipped September 28th, click here for tracking information. Pastimes can only ship physical products to addresses in the US.

Digital items will be emailed to you after you redeem the item.


All Prize Wall items are limited, subject to price change and may be allocated.