Using Magic Online ALL ACCESS cards

Not all Magic cards are available on Magic Online. Cards from Battlebond, all Secret Lair, and all old-frame Power Nine from Vintage Masters are not available.

  1. Head to Magic Online, Sign In, & Click Collection
  2. Click Add Deck
  3. To use your new cards:
    1. Click Quantity
    2. Set to 0
    3. Click Collectible
    4. Click Versions
    5. Uncheck “Show Versions Separately” Note – If you want a specific version recheck this however not all versions will work. 
    6. Add cards to your deck

  4. If that doesn’t work
    1. Build your Deck normally
    2. Right click the deck name
    3. Select Export
    4. Save as .txt file and reimport the deck.
    5. Note for Commander Decks: When you reimport the deck, you must move your Commander back into the Commander slot or none of the cards will work.