Discord Information

Pastimes Events Discord – https://discord.gg/PastimesEvents

Getting Started with Discord – https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033931551-Getting-Started

Event Hall

  • Announcements– Event announcements will all come through this channel. Similar to over the speaker announcements in a real-life event hall. 
  • Help– Help is where you ask any and all questions. This is just like calling for a judge or walking up to the stage for help.
  • Rules/Info – This channel has the rules for the event and this Discord server. At the bottom of this channel, there is a message for you to react to which will give you access to the rest of the Discord server.
  • General Discussion – This is a chat for you to talk with other people in the event. Just like standing around and talking to other Magic fans. 
  • Event Social Media – Here is a channel to share any social media posts about the event. Please feel free to share with us!
  • Share Your Stream – Feel free to share your stream information here. If we were able to have a Tabletop Magic event you would be able to go watch your friends’ games as they played. This is our way of recreating that.  
    • **Please keep in mind we cannot stop your OPPONENT from also possibly finding your stream**
  • Memes and Jokes – This is the channel for Dad jokes and Magic memes. 
    • Please keep in mind that Pastimes Events are a family-friendly environment. That includes this channel.

General Event Information

  • How-To Guides – This channel will have links to our event how-to guides! If you are new to playing online, new to online events, or just, in general, want to know more!
  • Full Event Schedule – You can PDFs of the full event schedule here!
  • Schedule Changes – this is where we will post large scale changes like event delays or prize payout changes.
  • FAQ – If you have a Customer Service question, please check here first. There are links to various FAQs both for Pastimes and other event-related materials. If you still have a question please visit the Help channel. This channel will be updated periodically. 
  • Scryfall commands – Scryfall is a Discord bot that will look up Oracle text and other information for any given Magic card! 

Staff & Bot

This is the staff room and a place for bots to do their bot thing. If you aren’t on staff or a bot, you don’t need to be in here. Just like real-life PAX (with bots). 😉

Platform Categories

 These are the three platforms that our events will be run on. 

  • Looking for Game – Part of any Magic event is sitting down to play pickup games with others! 
  • General Discussion – This is just a general discussion for each platform. 
  • On-Demand Queue – If you would like to participate in Turbo Town or in a commander pod go to the appropriate channel and ping an admin!

Judge Table

Those of you familiar with large European tabletop events will recognize what part of a tabletop event this is replicating! 

This is your place to ask questions, give us your ridiculous corner case, or ask questions just about judging.