Lost Items

I lost an item at an event! What do I do now?

If you are still onsite, you should attempt the following:

1) Look where you were just sitting. Many times the item in question has been left on or below a table either immediately following a match or when playing casually with friends and then moving. 

2) If it has been a significant period of time or you’ve already done #1, please go to the Prize Wall. They will help check the lost & found inventory available from items that have been turned in by staff, judges, players, etc. So it is quite possible a good samaritan or staff member has already found your item and turned it in. 

If it is not in the lost & found at that time, you can give us your name & contact information along with a description of the item. That way if it is found during the weekend we are able to contact you and let you know.

I did not realize I had lost anything until I already left for the weekend, what can I do? 

For Magic items and accessories (cards, decks, boxes, etc.): Please contact info@pastimes.net to us directly with any unique or identifying features about the item. 

If you contact us or left us your information and we find your item, we will let you know if we believe we have the item in the lost & found inventory. We try to inventory all lost items before packing them for shipment and they eventually are shipped back to our primary warehouse. Once we confirm we have the item we’ll ask for your shipping information and get it back to you at first opportunity.

Please note that while we may believe we have an item based on inventory description, it is often in transport following a show and will need to be unpacked and checked at the primary warehouse before we have 100% confirmation and that there will often be a 1-3 week delay before confirmation / shipping can happen.

For items that are non-Magic in nature (Clothing, glasses, wallet, etc.): At the end of the weekend we leave them with the venue staff. This means you will want to contact the venue via email or phone, typically there is someone assigned to look through the catalog of lost items they have and get back to you.