Sealed Standard Modern Commander Draft and more!

Be the first in line to the party as Magic and D&D partner up for a match made in heaven.


Magic returns!

Be the first in line to the party when Magic: the Gathering returns. Join us at PAX West and Gen Con to celebrate Magic’s triumphant return to tabletop play!

Partnering with Wizards of the Coast, Pastimes will bring amazing Magic tabletop play experiences to PAX West and Gen Con. Featuring all your favorite formats: Draft, Sealed, Team, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and More. Prizes are definitely included!

This is a DO NOT MISS event. Come out, pull up a chair, roll out your playmat, and join us for some fantastic games of Magic!



Commander Events

Bring your Commander and battle with us! Lots of unique Commander events including Emperor and Boss Monster!

Constructed Events

Come play Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Old School, and more with us!

Sealed and Draft Individual and team!

Either by yourself or with a friend come play in our amazing Limited format events! Drafts, Sealed, Two-Headed Giant, and Team Trios events available!