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Upcoming Magic events!

December 9th - 12th

Magic Online and

December 10th - 12th

Philadelphia, PA

Lets Play Some Magic

Ready to get back to live Magic: the Gathering events with big prizes? Join us at PAX Unplugged for Magic and Pastimes Events grand return to convention tabletop and digital play!

Convention Magic Championships at each Tabletop event, Convention Championship Series for our Digital players with access to almost all cards in Magic Online, Mystery Booster: Convention Edition Sealed 2019 events, Innistrad: Crimson Vow Sealed, and as always events in all the formats you love.

These are don’t miss events.

You bring the gathering and we’ll bring the cards.

See you there!

Health and Safety Plans

Safety is one of Pastimes Events primary concerns for our players and staff.
For all in person events, PAX and Pastimes Events are requiring the following:

All staff and attendees to show proof of vaccination.

More details from PAX can be found here.

Below are additional steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our staff and all of our players.

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