PAX West Tabletop Championship Top 8

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Congratulations to all the Top 8 Players in the PAX West Tabletop Championship!

After battling all weekend at PAX West in Seattle, the top 8 competitors settle in for an Adventures in the Forgotten Realms booster draft. This event will crown the PAX West 2021 Tabletop Magic Champion!

These players have competed all weekend in Standard, Modern, and Sealed events culminating in the PAX West Championship. After besting 30 players in a sealed Adventures in the Forgotten realms competitive event, the top 8 players were decided!

Top 8 Competitors

1st Place
Justin Warden

2nd Place
Caleb Dixon

3rd/4th Place
Daniel Tibbles

3rd/4th Place
Ken Nichols

5th/8th Place
Roger Lo

5th/8th Place
Dario Cifuentes

5th/8th Place
Troy Moore

5th/8th Place
Zizhuang Yang

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