Checking into

  1. Head to, sign in, & click the link provided by the staff for your tournament
  2. Click the green “Register” button. There will be a confirmation pop-up, a “Familiarize yourself with MTG Melee” section, and then you will be at your Player Controller for this event.

Player Controller! Make sure it says “Checked in”

  1. Upload your decklist.

    1. Three different ways to submit a decklist
      1. Upload – If you’ve made or downloaded a text file of your decklist, you can upload it using the “Upload” button.
      2. Paste – Using the “Paste” button, you can copy and paste your decklist directly from the MTGA client.
      3. From Scratch – Enter a quantity and begin typing a card name. You can select a card name from the search that appears. Press the enter key to add the card. Make sure if the card is part of your sideboard you check the sideboard box before entering it.
    2. Click the “Submit Decklist”

You are ready to begin your event! Keep your eyes out for announcements and make sure you are logged into MTG Arena!